Dating Without Alcohol

How was dating going to be without alcohol? I got divorced (or separated, I was never married) in march after an eight-year-long relationship and was a bit apprehensive about quitting alcohol for this reason too.

Dating Without Alcohol

Drinks are kind of a central part of dating culture, after all. Well – let me tell you, it’s never been more fun. First of all, I can now party as often as I want and for as long as I want, basically without consequences.

I also have more fun doing it and feel way more... energetic let's say. I also feel more attractive when not drinking. Or wait – I am more attractive when not drinking. I make no claims here about the absolute baseline of my looks, but in relative terms, we all look better sober. Please don’t stop inviting me to parties thinking that I judge anyone who’s drinking – you all look fucking amazing – but this relative difference is just an objective fact.

You also start to attract a different kind of person. I can't say exactly what the difference is, but there is a difference. People who don't drink alcohol definitely have a radar for each other too, so you're definitely not going to be lonely, something a lot of people seem to worry about when considering a poisonless existence.

Overall, it's just better. Not almost as good, not on par, but better.