Dreaming of a Zero Emission Rocket Ship

Even though I like fast vehicles of all sorts, I have to say that boats that look like this Nitra 29 have never been the bullseye of what I consider a Walter-ish boat. It’s not the design itself – the lines are beautiful and well balanced – it’s more that I've always seen boats like these as pure boys-toys with little practical value and too much environmental impact. After spending a couple of weekends in Nitra boats however, I have started to reconsider.

Why Advertising Equity is Your New Favorite KPI

This is why there is a KPI that has sailed up to become one of the most important ones around – "willingness to approach" which measures how willing your are to consume a certain piece of communication. Willingness to approach is the function of emotional reward on the one hand and familiarity on the other. Multiply these two and you get advertising equity.

About Honesty

The advertising agency Honesty offers full service strategic branding and advertising services. Our agile methodology focuses on maximizing emotional rewards while minimizing cognitive cost in your communication. Creating long running and symbolically consistent series is instrumental in achieving this, and we're often referred to as the "HBO of the advertising world". Honesty was founded in 2009 and has been awarded as the Sweden’s most effective long term brand builder.

About Walter Naeslund

My name is Walter Naeslund, and I’m a Media Technology Engineer who became an ad man when digitalization turned the advertising business on it’s head in the 2010’s. In 2009, I founded what would become Sweden’s most profitable advertising agency, Honesty, by taking a contrarian approach during the biggest change in the history of the industry. Outside my job as Honesty’s CEO, I am a lecturer and consultant in the fields of communication, management, productivity, and innovation.