I've spent most of my professional life exploring what makes communication outstanding. I now run a group of companies where we help brands reach their audience in a meaningful way. I also write, lecture, and record on the topic.

In 2009, I founded the advertising agency Honesty, where I still work as CEO. Honesty has been the lead agency for many of Sweden's most successful brands and was awarded as Sweden's best long-term brand builder in 2014. In 2019 we acquired all shares in the company from the old partners to rebuild the agency entirely for the coming decade.

In 2019 I co-founded The Poetic Podcast Company, a venture created to expand the boundaries of the audio format. Screen fatigue is pushing us into the age of audio, and we couldn't be more excited to be part of this revolution.

We ended 2019 with the aquisition of part of the legendary design agency A+X/Amore. As part ot this deal, we restructured the companies so that a new group was formed, owned and led by the CEOs of each company of the group.

In my podcast, The Walter Show, I record conversations with people who inspire me. In Season 1 (10 episodes), we focused mainly on Nordic entrepreneurs with the notable exception of Michael "Mafiaboy" Calce, arguably the most famous hacker in the world. Season two is a more free format that I will become my personal art project. I've also hosted other podcasts like The Talk for Nordea Private Banking, and Mindburst.

Outside my entrepreneurial ventures, I am a communications advisor for various startups, and on the board of Rewilding Sweden – an organization with the goal to enable natural processes to shape land and sea, repairing damaged ecosystems and restoring degraded landscapes in Sweden.

My academic background is mainly in engineering with a Master of Science degree in Media Technology from the Linköping Institute of Technology. I've also studied business at Lund University and copywriting for two years at the top-ranked Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.