While most of us see CO2 as pollution, Henrietta Kekäläinen sees a resource to be harvested, refined, and sold. Her company Carbo Culture are "hackers of the carbon cycle" as they put it on their website and carbonize biomass waste into stable and valuable bio-carbon products, perfect for soil and environmental applications – effectively preventing the CO2 from escaping into the atmosphere.

On a bright and sunny day in June I walk into Södra Teatern in Stockholm to set up my studio. I'm excited to meet Henrietta Kekäläinen, a Singularity Universty alumni, who is working on something that sounds more like science fiction and wishful thinking than an actual business. Turns out my instincts are wrong.

Also, while most of us talk about saving the environment and, at best, cut down on consumption, Henrietta and her team are taking action to innovate and find new ways to adress our challenges. And we need that. We won't win the environmental game with defense alone, we need fresh ideas for our offence. Personally, I see this as sorely lacking in much of the time public discourse. There is more outrage than creation and more protesters than entrepreneurs. This needs to change.

I'm incredibly proud to bring you this interview with the incredible and much needed impact entrepreneur Henrietta Kekäläinen on behalf of Nordea Private Banking in our podcast The Talk.