Julia Anjou and I are excited to finally announce some great news about a project that started many months ago. The first step was the launch of our sound- and podcasting company Poetic. Now we take the next step when we acquire all shares in Honesty from the old partners to start building the most modern communications group in the Nordics.

The group will consist of 4 companies with separate brands: Poetic, under Julia Anjou's leadership, will be spearheading sound and podcasts, while Honesty, under my leadership, will be doing the same for communication and advertising. The remaining two companies in the group will specialize in design and PR respectively. We will announce the design agency in the coming months and the PR agency later in 2020.

Read Resumé Magazine's article about the acquisition here (in Swedish).

We are abandoning "old Honesty's" focus on traditional film with surrounding 360-adaptations. Instead, we are honing in on atomic concepts: design-driven concepts that can carry the essential brand story "in every atom" of what we communicate – from design and identity, through packaging, through sites and apps, through sound design and podcasts, through film and other advertising, through community-specific marketing, social media, influencer collaborations and broad media narratives. The era of being dependent on 30 seconds of television to tell your story is over.

When I founded Honesty in 2009, I knew very little about the advertising industry. Three of the five partners who came on board towards the end of the first year were from McCann. Through them, we managed to maintain the then necessary credibility of traditional advertising, while the other two partners, search expert Simon Sundén and digital tactics specialist Jesper Åström, worked with me in scouting and experimenting to stay ahead of mainstream trends. While this served us well, especially during the first six years, a new set of competencies and experiences are now required to take us into "the atomic age of communication" 2020 and onwards. The bottom line is that I always wanted Honesty to be about the future. This ambition will now return to the agenda and be front and center of the Honesty-promise once again.

Of course, I'm super proud of the first ten years of Honesty, but in many ways, I also feel that it was merely the practice run. Now we are going live with the new version of Honesty in a group with bigger ambitions of innovation and scale. And this time we have a bit of experience as well.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to work with us, for us, alongside us, or are just interested in learning more about our plans. We're also known to throw great parties, and we are going to double down on that tradition in the coming decade, so make sure to follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram to not miss any invitations.

Needless to say, we are recruiting, right now for creatives, account managers, and account directors, so if you're one of those, send your application hither. ❤️