I'm a huge fan of electric vehicles; be it cars, boats, scooters – I love them all. And as an advocate for Nordic entrepreneurship, what could be a better excursion than heading down to Gothenburg to visit our very own Tesla-fighter – Polestar – and see what they're up to.

The Polestar building is a futuristic looking cube. Most of the ground floor is made up of a showroom, displaying  two white Polestar cars of model 1 and 2 and a spiral staircase in the middle, leading up to offices and meeting rooms. I arrive a few minutes early, so I have some time to check out the cars. They are not bad looking automobiles.

The Polestar 1 has the elegance and posture of a proper GT and has unmistakable Volvo-heritage. Maybe it's just me, but there is something about it that makes me think of the P1800. With it's carbon fibre body and luxury interior it's got spare-no-expence written all over it. I love how it looks but it breaks my heart that it's merely a hybrid. Of course there is going to be an all electric sequel to this at some point, but until then, wallet stays in pocket.

Polestar 1
Polestar 1

The Polestar 2 on the other hand is all electric and much more of an everyday car, even though still has some really nice angles in it's design. I particularly like the front and back of the car. There is something about the silloutte that reminds me of a SAAB but that's not neccessarily a bad thing. All in all, I'm excited about this car. Having driven electric cars almost exclusively since 2015, I'm completely sold on the category but need some explaining as to why I should switch from Tesla, a brand and product line that I think are both extremely well put together. While I still haven't found the time to test drive the Polestar (though they did generously offer me to), I'm excited about what seems to be impressive race-like handling and a more "cozy" interior than the Tesla (though I kind of miss the large display of the Model X and S). It also seems slightly more practical than a Model 3, even though that advantage will likely be offset by the Model Y – a car that I  have high expectations on. And of course, as an advocate for Nordic entrepreneurship (and intrapreneurship) I think a Polestar wouldn't be wrong for me in terms of brand alignment. But we'll see. I'll get back to you on this after my first test drive.

Polestar 2

Besides checking out their two models Polestar 1 and Polestar 2, I also had a chat with COO Jonathan Goodman.

Jonathan Goodman, COO of Polestar

This is a really passionate guy who has lived and breathed cars for the past 30+ years. We talked about what they want Polestar to be on the market, about it's racing- and performance tuning heritage, why they (unlike Audi and Mercedes) decided to launch Polestar under it's own brand rather than launching an electric Volvo, why the Polestar 1 is a hybrid car, why I should buy a Polestar 2 over the Tesla 3, and, not least, what's to love about the Swedish west coast as an Englishman in Gothenburg (hint, he loves the dark winters). You can find the whole interview wherever you listen to podcasts, by following the links below, or listening in the player below. Enjoy!

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