Morten Lund has founded or co-invested in over a hundred tech startups. After selling his digital agency in 1999 a couple of ex clients asked him for help with their new startup against a share in the company. That company turned out to be Skype.

Morten’s career skyrocketed, but one bad decision would put an abrupt end to the success streak. In 2009, after having gone all in on a leveraged investment in Nyhetsavisen, a Danish free nation-wide newspaper that ended up crashing, Morten was dragged down with it into personal bankruptcy. In a TechCrunch article from the time Morten is quoted as saying: “It’s like Superman getting his suit stolen – I’m shaken and don’t really wanna talk about it. I will come back again with full power, i just need to wash my suit.” And Morten did indeed come back in spectacular fashion after making a highly unusual deal.

I met Morten in a prototype of his latest sustainable housing project in the Copenhagen harbor and had one of the most fascinating conversations I've had in a while. And I recorded it all for you. Get ready to be blown away.