Of all crazy projects this one may be the worst. Epidemic Sound co-founder and CEO  set out with his team to create a new and separate music industry next to the existing and extremely powerful one. 10 years later they reach 50 000 000 000 plays – every month! (I just HAD to write out all the zeroes.)

The story of how Epidemic Sound came about and progressed is one for the history books, not only for it's success (valued at $370 million in a 2019 capital raise) but also for its charm and inspirational value. In a dream that Oscar had in 2009, an old and retired Oscar is propped up by his grandkids for being part of the generation "that invented the internet". A proud Oscar is promptly deflated again as they ask what his contribution was. This dream spurred a drive to be part of something big like... soundtracking the internet, for example. And the rest, as the say...

This is only one of many amazing stories, both about Oscars career and Epidemic sound. So much so that the interview i did with him in my house dragged out so long that we decided to break it into two parts. I love them both and I think you will too.

Oscar also happens to be one of the nicest and most inpiring people you'll listen to, so if for nothing else, put on a good pair of headphones, cozy up with a nice cup of coffee and listen in.

Listen to part one:

...and part 2: