Being a doctor was not easy to begin with. You need to learn about an incredibly complex organism for a very long time and have a huge responsibility to not get things wrong. But it's rapidly getting worse now that there is an avalanche of new information, research, medicines, and best practices coming in every hour of every day. And while this is generally a good thing, keeping up is becoming all but impossible. Doctors have adressed this throughout the ages by communicating with their peers, but there is just not enough bandwidth there anymore. Unless, of course, we can leverage this communication using technology.

Wille Komulainen is a Finnish doctor and entrepreneur who set out to leverage digital technology to take information exchange between doctors to the next level. His and his co-founder’s company Panacea aims to become something of a LinkedIn for doctors and change the way this crucial information exchange works forever. In a world of increasing complexity and with a care crisis on the horizon, this company may well be the one that will one day save your life.

Wille Komulainen is not easy to find much about online so take this opportunity to listen to this rare interview with a true entrepreneur who could very well turn out to be one of the most important people in healthcare of our generation.