Let's be Honest, most of your clothes spend most of their life in your wardrobe. So what if you could rent them out instead and also rent fun clothes back from others? That's precisely the business idea of the Norwegian startup Fjong. I met with co-founder and CEO Sigryn Syveryd to figure out what's going on.

Fjong started in an apartment where clothes were rented out manually using notepads and calculators. The interest for the service quickly outgrew this analog infrastructure and the co-founders started discussing making this a proper business. They had product market fit.

Fjong has since grown, and Sigrun has been awarded "Female entrepreneur of the year" in Norway.

I went to Oslo to meet with Sigrun and talk to her about her journey. We had a great talk about life, entrepreneurship, environment, dreams, and her best advice so entrepreneurs. Listen in!