I met Hanna Lundgren early in my advertising career when Konrad Bergström (Zound, X Shore) threw us two rookies  into the deep end of the pool doing a global campaign for the fashion brand WeSC. We ended up shooting some pretty cool stuff before, by mistake, sending the entire production team  home from Los Angeles to Sweden the day before our scheduled shoot with Peter Stormare in his Los Angeles garden. We ended up improvising a kids show with a small hand-held camera that, to this day, is probably one of the strangest and most fun thing I've ever shot. Anyway, this is a telling story when it comes to Hanna. She does things differently, at times strangely, but somehow always lands on her feet.

Me and Hanna and Peter Stormare in Peter's garden in January 2008

Hanna's career has stretched from WeSC, to Marimekko, to Chinese underwear, to CEO of beauty brand Björk & Berries, to now being the VP of global marketing and PR for Volvo's innovative car brand Lynk & Co. There has always been an element there of outsider-ship and that ingredient seems in many ways to have been the key to her success. I invited Hanna to the studio for a chat about her life and career over a cup of coffee.

I'm biased here of course, as I always enjoy chatting with Hanna, but I do think that you'll like this too. Check it out.