Motorboats are loud and have smelly exhaust fumes. That's just the way it is. Until now. X Shore founder and CEO Konrad Bergström has had the dream for decades about electrifying the seas, but the technology is just becoming mature enough to make this dream feasible. The timing of his exit from Zound Industries (Urban Ears, Marshall, etc), his mega-successful headphone- and speaker startup couldn't have been better. With a full war-chest, credibility, and an incredible drive to do something new, X Shore got the explosive mixture of rocket fuel it needed to have a chance of succeeding in the crazy mission to create the Tesla of the seas.

I sit down with super-entrepreneur Konrad Bergström of Zound fame to talk about transitioning boats to electric drivetrains, effectively changing how we view boats forever. Check out this episode recorded for Nordea Private Banking's The Talk podcast.