Last year I was invited to go visit a company that I had never heard. Their office was located on top of a shopping mall just outside the Stockholm and I probably had limited expectations. Little did I know...

When I came into the humble lobby of Above, I was given an iPad and asked to sign an NDA. I signed, and my host Jonas Samrelius swiped an access card, opening the door to what can best be described as Q's secret laboratory from the James Bond movies. The 600 square meter space was filled with laser cutters, 3D-printers, soldering stations, CAD-workstations, wood working tools, tons of prototypes, and what must have been almost a hundred people tinkering with products that you or I won't see on the shelves for years to come. They were literally designing the future.

Jonas Samrelius is the co-founder and design director of Above, a secretive Swedish innovation agency that has designed many of the products that you probably have around you right now in your home and at work. While Above is unknown to most people in the Nordics, their client list spans many of the world's most well known companies like Facebook, Google, Sony, Samsung, IKEA, Sonos, Dell, Bugaboo, Toyota, and many many others.

I got a rare interview with Jonas about how they work, how they keep inspiration and creativity alive and what we have coming in the future. Check it out in your favorite podcast player. Links below.

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