What if the path to a better welfare society is not more resources, but using the ones we already have more efficiently? I went to Oslo to meet with an entrepreneur who is working on a digital platform to supercharge efficiency and move our quality of life to the next level.

The story of Fredrik Gulowsen and his company Nyby, Norwegian for New Village, is a fascinating tale that starts in a family tragedy and ends in refreshing optimism about the future.

If you ask me, it's about time we retire the narrative about higher taxes being the road to better welfare (we can't go beyond 100% tax anyway and our country's production will grind to a halt well before that) and start talking about how to use our resources more efficiently. This is where we can make a real and sustainable difference.

Anyway, do not miss this short 25 minute conversation with the smart, wise, and huge-hearted Fredrik Gulowsen.