I'm storming into the lobby of the hotel in Køtbyen, Copenhagen's hip equivalent of New York's Meatpacking district. I'm running a little late. Turns out the room I was promised to record in is no longer free to use and I rush to set up the studio in my small hotel room instead. My scheduled interview is with a proper podcasting entrepreneur, so I'm slightly self-concious about the studio setup.

Coming back downstairs I'm just in time to catch the serial entrepreneur and founder of Podimo, Morten Strunge, come out of the lecture hall where he has just delivered his keynote speech. Podimo not only has it's sights set on becoming the Netflix of podcasting, but also wants to become the best community for podcasters. This may sound like a crazy ambition in the light of the enormous resources being poured into the space by giants like Spotify, Apple, and Amazon; but Morten is not just any average entrepreneur, but someone who has founded and exited not one, but two telecom operators, and one e-book company just to mention a few of his projects.

If you are in the least interested in the podcast space, or just want some five-star entrepreneurial advice on you way to work, tune into this interview with Morten Strunge and have your notepad at the ready.