If you only listen to one of my interviews this year, you should probably choose this one. David Roberts is one of the world’s top experts on technology disruption, innovation, and exponential leadership. He majored in Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Computer Engineering at M.I.T and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

David is a Distinguished Faculty member at Singularity University where he previously served as Vice President and the two-time Director (and alum) of the University’s Graduate Studies Program.

He is an award-winning CEO and serial entrepreneur, and has started ventures with over $100 million dollars of investment from Kleiner Perkins, Vinod Khosla, Cisco, Oracle, Accenture, and In-Q-Tel.

David's career started as a decorated Special Agent and Air Force Officer, made a pass through investment banking, and went on to a series of entrepreneurial ventures, one of which being the world’s leading Quantum Computing software company 1QBit, where he is now chairman.

Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley’s Business schools have all written and taught case studies on David’s leadership, management, and decision-making. He is the founder of Exponential Leadership, an organization dedicated to transforming leadership potential through character, integrity, compassion, courage, and happiness.

David has been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, and in USA Today, The New York Times, Business Week, Fortune Magazine, and CNN. His personally led startups have received multiple awards to include Internet World’s Net Rising Stars, Red Herring’s Catch, Top 50 Private Companies in the World, Red Herring Top 100 Private Companies in the World, USA Today’s Tech Reviews Best Picks, Internet Outlook’s Investors Choice Award, Enterprise Outlook Investors Choice, Best of the Web from PC World, and Apple Computer’s Premier Systems Integrator Award.

On top of all this, he is also one of the most humble and curious people I've ever met.

In this episode we talk about strategies for life, optimism, technology, meaning and... ants.

Are you convinced yet that you should listen to this episode? You should be.

If you just listen to one of my podcast episodes, this should be the one.